Advisory Services

How an organization is perceived by various stakeholders including potential stakeholders is of prime importance. Succession planning, perception surveys, and talent mapping are few services we offer to enable our clients to effectively handle human resources planning and management.

I. Succession planning

As organizations proceed through the various stages of their growth lifecycle and formulate strategies to meet new business challenges that emerge with it, the issue of leadership and the associated paradigm of succession planning attain critical dimensions for the eventual success of the firm.

Most leading global organizations have developed their own strategies for succession planning and one can increasingly witness Indian conglomerates adopting structured succession plans as opposed to the ad-hoc approach which was prevalent earlier. Even large family run Indian businesses have understood the necessity of hiring non-family managers and many of them have already went ahead and defined their succession plans.

We at Longhouse work with our clients to develop a clear road map for succession keeping in mind the exigencies of the business as well as the core strengths of the firm. Our team consists of senior individuals from industry who have an in-depth understanding of the challenges that organizations are likely to face in implementing a succession planning strategy and in order to address these challenges we believe in adopting a holistic approach engaging all the relevant stakeholders of the firm.

II. Talent mapping

Talent mapping helps organizations create a potential talent repository to fulfill business demands such as significant growth, introduction of new services/product lines, succession planning, and leadership change. We offer innovative and tailor-made solutions based on industry specific research and analysis.

  • Talent mapping and tracking: Helps you create your own database of potential candidates by detailed mapping of talent availability in the targeted geography, industry, or sector.
  • Competitor analysis: Enables an understanding of competition in your hunt for talent by undertaking a detailed analysis of your competitor companies or sectors that vie for the same talent pool.
  • Organization structure: Provides an in-depth view of your competitors’ organizational structure and identifies key people across levels and their reporting structure.

III. Research study and Perception survey

We help our clients gain invaluable insights by providing a scientific analysis of market conditions and competitor activity. Our research helps gather and analyze perceptions and feedback from 'targets' and facilitates a constant re-evaluation of an organization’s offer to ensure that it remains attractive to potential candidates.

Our research and survey answers key questions including:

  • How is an organization perceived in the marketplace?
  • How does top talent in the sector rate a particular company as an employer?
  • How is the organization perceived by its employees?
  • What benefits should be offered to retain the existing critical talent?

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