Chief Executive Officers

In today’s dynamic business environment, the success of a company depends on the leader who is at the helm of affairs. There is a structured need for strong leadership with a clear vision and ability to provide direction. The rapid pace of globalization and the consequent global outlook of firms has made them look for leaders who have the necessary strategic outlook to understand and address country-specific challenges. Technology is increasingly being leveraged by firms to streamline internal processes as well as to better reach out to prospective customers making it imperative for modern leaders to have the necessary analytical outlook and the technological knowhow to better leverage it. The rapid adoption of internet in emerging economies coupled with a boom in data driven services has altered the industry landscape especially in the telecom/mobile and online commerce sectors. Next generation of leaders need to have to have an in-depth understanding of these new mediums and the associated ecosystems to usher in a new wave of growth by providing more customer value.

From global corporations hiring a country head to an Indian business looking for senior leadership or a well-funded startup looking for a dynamic CEO, there is enough evidence to demonstrate that the future direction and growth of these organizations is largely dependent on these roles. Further, with more companies being incubated out of India, there is considerable demand for experienced and visionary individuals who can play an important role as members of the Board and help the organization achieve its core business objectives.

Our strong network among the country's top executive talent and our understanding of the business and economic context in India helps us advise our clients on designing such roles as well as the right talent capable of leading organizations to the next level of growth.

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