Chief Marketing Officers

As organizations strive to create a niche for themselves and outdo competition, marketing has taken a new prominence. The marketing function has evolved beyond mere brand building, creating above-the-line programs, and targeting customers. Marketing today is altering the way businesses are being conducted.

Organizations are looking for transformative Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) to provide strategic leadership and drive change to achieve measurable business outcomes in this increasingly complex landscape. As a result, marketing leaders and aspiring CMOs need new tools and skills to thrive in this expanded role. The emergence of technology enabled communication channels has allowed modern CMOs to closely map the efficacy of their marketing dollars and design campaigns that better target their customer segments. Modern business demand CMOs who are technology savvy in addition to having the required analytical bent of mind to draw key customer insights.

At the core of a transformative CMO lies a set of behavioral and cultural competencies – measurable characteristics relating to success. Based on our extensive knowledge and experience in this area, consultants at Longhouse measure talent against these characteristics, ensure suitability to the client’s specific needs, and identify and attract marketing talent with functional expertise and industry experience relevant to each assignment.

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