Consumer markets have grown tremendously in emerging economies in the past decade as a direct result of global developments in liberalization and an increasing orientation towards domestic consumption. The overall GDP growth of emerging economies has also fueled consumption growth. All major global players want a share of this pie; driven by an urge to capture these growing markets, organizations are increasingly looking to better understand consumer needs and tailor their products and services to satisfy these needs.

Rising disposable incomes and increasing consumer awareness have directly contributed to a dramatic rise in consumer expectations on purchase and delivery models and the overall customer experience. In addition to this, changing demographics and lifestyle patterns have further contributed to the evolution of the consumer market. Organizations in this space are increasingly looking at leveraging technology as one of the key enablers for driving innovation in delivery models and generating better consumer insights. All these factors have revolutionized the consumer industry landscape.

Keeping up with the evolving nature of the modern consumer market requires continuous innovation, and organizations that have been able to innovate keeping in mind the idiosyncrasies of the regional consumer have reaped rewards. It has now become incumbent upon industry leaders to guide organizations to keep up with the evolving nature of the consumer market. Brand building and responding to fast changing consumer trends demand sophisticated market insights and understanding of consumer needs at local, regional, and global levels. Today there are more opportunities in established, emerging, and niche markets driven by a variety of media and distribution channels. Our experienced consultants help organizations find leaders and build teams, and collaborate with peers across sectors to identify the best in class, skills, and experience for these evolving roles.

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