Chief Technology / Information Officer

The CTOs role has achieved new dimensions with the rapid development of technology. Technology has become a key enabler for almost all business functions lending it a criticality which it did not have before. The new age CTO has to address the concerns of all these stakeholders while streamlining technology needs. He has to be an innovative leader who keeps a close watch on the rapidly-morphing technology landscape, looking out for any new developments that promise to generate value for the business.

The emergence of technology enabled platforms to generate sales and the challenges around scalability that rise with it has made the CTOs play a key role in implementing the overall business strategy of the firm. For technology companies CTOs choices of technology and processes have far reaching effects in the overall growth of the firm. The online environment makes it imperative for CTOs to identify right technology and platform to streamline customer experience. He has to closely work with the marketing and product team to design the optimum User Interface and build platform that would make it user friendly as well as provide the necessary option of future scalability.

The emergence of Cloud and the development of high power blade servers have revolutionized the technology infrastructure landscape making it imperative for modern CIOs to tap into the right mix of technology required to achieve the desired business results.

We are keenly aware of these dynamics and our domain consultants actively partner with our clients to zoom in on the appropriate talent required to lead the function.

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