Engagement Philosophy

At Longhouse, our executive search services are part of a process that contributes to building team and organizational culture. Understanding client requirements and attracting senior talent requires close interaction between all stakeholders. Our team understands individual client needs and studies the environment they operate in to design a role that works best for their business model. Based on our understanding and research we identify and shortlist executive candidates who are best suited for the defined role. Using our proprietary tools, shortlisted candidates are further assessed to identify the right fitment. We ensure that the client is involved in every step of this process. At Longhouse we focus on placing the right people in the right place rather than merely filling vacancies. 

We work with clients on a retainership engagement model to provide executive advisory and search services. Our clients leverage our recruitment expertise and our ability to customize recruitment strategies to cater to the specific requirements of individual organizations.

Our pricing structure is guided by the following philosophies that are customized as per our clients’ requirements:

Fixed fee: We believe in working with our clients on a fixed fee model to ensure that all stakeholders are focused on talent fitment to a particular role and not on the compensation package or cost of acquiring the talent.

Success-based incremental retainer: This hybrid model brings together the philosophies of retainership and success-based pricing models. This enables us to help our clients minimize the risks associated with front-loaded costs. We work closely with our clients to set key milestones during the entire engagement and our clients pay incremental retainers for each phase based on the success achieved in the previous phase.