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Partnered with a financial services firm using digital platform in their search for an Online Marketing Head.

Company Profile

A young financial services company providing innovative products/services in the retail banking space, started by the team that built's online credit card product that pioneered in real-time credit delivery. Today the team strength is 50+ comprising of top banking and online technology specialists from Tier-1 universities and already have some of the major private sector banks on board.


Online Marketing Head

Search Summary

Our client wanted to recruit an Online Marketing Head, to help their site achieve growth in terms of sales. This role required a candidate with the essential breadth and depth of experience spanning both online and offline channels. As the Head of online marketing, the candidate was responsible for building alliances in addition to managing multiple campaigns across channels and driving results within the specified budgets.

Our Solution

During the initial talent landscaping process, we realized the need to tap into talent pools not only from pure-play online companies but also online marketing and product marketing functions of conventional global majors such as HSBC, Citi etc. This allowed us to compensate for the dearth of candidates with the required domain expertise as well as online marketing knowledge from the domestic online sector.


At the time of candidate engagement, we helped candidates understand the novelty of the business model and the long-term value of the opportunity. A majority of the candidates from the conventional sectors additionally had to be convinced about the potential of the online sector. We partnered with the client in the overall process management and the final decision-making and on-boarding process.

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