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Longhouse at Annual TiE Entrepreneurial Summit (TES) 2011


TiE Bangalore organized its annual flagship event TES 2011 on 15th and 16th of December at Hotel Lalit Ashok in Bangalore. With around 1,500+ delegates and 120+ speakers across various tracks, the event was one of the biggest gatherings of entrepreneurs. Longhouse partnered with TiE in this initiative to create an ecosystem which can be leveraged by entrepreneurs and early stage companies.

Longhouse was invited to the discussion to share its deep insight into talent management and leadership hiring space and discuss the challenges faced by emerging sectors like E-Commerce / Online industry in attracting and retaining top quality talent at the leadership level.

The participants included number of Venture Funds, Angel Investors, Entrepreneurs, Advisors and eminent industry personalities. Kunal Bhal, CEO Snapdeal , Mukesh Bansal , CEO , Myntra , Sachin Bansal CEO Flipkart , Anshuman Das , Managing Partner Longhouse Consulting participated in the roundtable discussion on e-commerce.

The panel discussed trends like how the advent of e-commerce saw top notch professionals joining the bandwagon and how an event like the dot com bubble bust wiped it all away in split second. The changing mind set of Indian consumer where they would rather purchase a product which has 1000 hits online than one being recommended by his/her friend. Rapid changes are being witnessed in consumer behavior; it’s high time we mould ourselves if we do not want to be left behind.

Speaking in the roundtable discussion, Anshuman Das highlighted the challenges of hiring for start-ups in India. The key questions discussed included how to identify the start-up DNA of an individual, how to create a risk reward proposition which is win-win for everyone and what human resource approach to adopt in a high paced growth environment. The entrepreneurs shared their experience and perspectives on how they have handled these challenges in the past.

Many attendees at the event acknowledged that TES 2011 had set very high standards and the quality of the agenda and the speakers had exceeded their expectations.

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