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The influx of startups in developed and emerging economies has made this sector the poster boy of modern innovation. The buzz is not only restricted to Silicon Valley; emerging economies are leveraging the rapid adoption of computers and high speed Internet as an enabler to reach out to a wider audience. Many of the established players are already moving away from their initial thrust of customer acquisition and top-line growth towards more sustainable bottom line driven models.

Customer retention and overall customer lifecycle value generation have now become the focal point. In the e-commerce space, which initially adopted deep discounts and services like cash on delivery to boost customer adoption, players are refining their business models to differentiate their value proposition. The past few years have seen the development of many vertical focused players who have now developed considerable category expertise. Some niche players have also established remarkable market traction and this sector is poised to grow in the near future.

Categories like online gaming that had been around for quite some time now have been revolutionized by the emergence of social media. New players in this space are looking to leverage social media platforms to reach out to a bigger market. New business models are still being considered in this segment to develop sustainable revenue streams.

Ad Networks segment has grown by leaps and bounds with the emergence of several specialized players who cater to specific needs rather than providing the entire spectrum of services. The growth of mobile technology has also proven to be a boon for this segment. Mobile apps and associated content have added a new channel to reach out to potential customers allowing firms to target their prospective client base better.

We possess a strong understanding of this dynamic sector and our access to senior executive talent in India and abroad enables us to advise clients in identifying and attracting technology savvy business leaders in this space.

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