The responsibilities of head of human resources have significantly evolved over the years, both within and outside the organization. The role of human resources today is not limited to transactional activities such as payroll, benefits, administration, compliance with labor laws, and industrial relations. HR focus has shifted to defining strategic objectives and maximizing the ROI from an organization's human capital. HR leaders have now become active partners in formulating and implementing the overall strategy of the firm. Chief People Officers increasingly find themselves working with other business leaders to chart the way forward by identifying & training the appropriate talent in order to build teams which would be able to define and execute strategies for future growth. As organizations grow and become global, HR leaders will play an active role in determining the overall success of the organization.

With organizations going global and building economies of scale, the infrastructure challenges have become immense. This has led to firms setting up a dedicated function for overseeing overall facilities. Sustainability and an optimum carbon footprint have become a crucial part of the overall positioning of firms and with it the Chief Facility Officers role has attained immense significance in defining and implementing strategies for rationalizing the overall carbon footprint of the firm while ensuring business as usual.

The Chief Legal Officer has now become a crucial part of the management team in many organizations. Attracting the right mix of experienced and skilled professionals who understand the economic and strategic aspects of business in addition to their area of expertise needs research and focused search.

Our team is in sync with evolving industry trends and we have enabled our various clients – spanning startups, Indian companies to global firms – to meet their need for senior HR, Facility and Legal professionals.

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