Head of Sales

With revenues and profitability as the most important factors that drive an organization, customer centricity has become the new corporate mantra. Winning new customers and maintaining profitable relationships with existing ones is the need of the hour. Therefore, sales has become a core function with many moving parts tied to it. The sales head drives a coordinated effort to drive all the aspects of the function with both numbers in terms of volume and customer satisfaction/experience going hand-in-hand to generate a robust top-line. The emergence of new channels has added a new dimension to the role of the sales head, and most B2C environments now demand a sales head who is equally comfortable with all the channels, be it brick-and-mortar stores or online platform.

The enterprise sales environment throws a different set of challenges for its leaders and sales heads need to build robust teams addressing all the different aspects of the function be it BD, Channel, Alliances , Pre-sales etc.

We understand the dynamism and critical position of the sales head and help clients identify and attract the right leader with an analytical ability to understand market demands, new avenues, and customer expectations, and who can lead the organization in a dynamic market.

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