Telecom & Mobile

The telecom sector has evolved considerably in the past decade in its effort to keep pace with the rapidly changing technological landscape and the altering regulatory environment. Some emerging economies are characterized by very low ARPU that forces operators to increasingly look at value-added services to differentiate themselves. New ecosystems are being built around these new-age services and players across the board are looking to innovate and develop new business and delivery models to streamline consumer access and boost profitability.

Some of the rising stars in this sector belong to the VAS segment and it is already being billed by many as the next big thing in this space. New players are increasingly adopting innovative business models in their effort to work closely with operators and manufacturers. The rapid development of mobile technology coupled with falling data and service charges has ushered in a revolution of sorts. Entrepreneurs are looking to tap into this opportunity with a slew of offerings with data-driven phones as an enabler.

Conventional carriers and operators as well as new-age service providers are facing a real challenge in finding leaders with entrepreneurial capabilities and the ability to drive people and processes to imbibe a culture of innovation across the organization. We at Longhouse are well aware of these pressure points and have the experience of working with organizations in this space across all sub-segments. Our delivery skills uniquely position us as a partner of choice for identifying and recruiting the correct leadership talent for your organization.

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