Enabling Business Transformation by Energizing Human Capital

Executive Search

An organization’s success rests on the strength of its leadership team and an excellent talent pool. We help you put together a dynamic team aligned with your business goals.

Board Services

We recognize that Boards are the nerve center of an organization, and having the right people on the board is paramount to the success of a company.


Scarcity of Talent : Hire from Adjacent Industry

Placement from adjacent industries is a viable solution to recruiting experienced talent.

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To retain or not to retain

Recruitment consultancies could be the answer to the issue of hiring effective leadership.

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News & Events

Longhouse at Tech Sparks 2012

The third edition of Yourstory.in’s flagship event, Tech Sparks was held in Bangalore. Longhouse w

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Startups split over loyalty and experience

Are old-timers facing an identity threat from new-age business leaders?

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