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LONGHOUSE is an executive search and talent advisory firm with a mission to enable and partner with companies on their journey to DISRUPT how businesses are done today.

We hire key talent for organizations to enable them to be FUTURE-READY. To help companies at different stages of their evolution, we provide growth-based talent advisory services. We have been proud partners of companies since the early days of their digital DISRUPTION in India. This deep understanding and experience has made us a partner of choice for not only Indian digital companies but also for global companies, besides Indian businesses looking to be disruption-ready.

Based on our deep experience of working with Founders, Investors and Business Leaders, we have developed a simple yet powerful framework to help companies hire, depending on what they need. We have broken the traditional moulds of hiring and created a system which is unique to each company. In simple words, ‘we understand’.

Each stage requires a different approach. There are multiple factors which define your hiring approach. It is dependent on the leadership gap, current business stage of the company, financial (funding) status, sector, growth potential and many other factors.

We make a custom hiring approach backed by a customized assessment plan specifically for your company and for that position.

Which stage of growth is your company in now?


The classification shown above is a strategic approach developed by LONGHOUSE. We understand that the traditional approach of similarity in sectors and functional hiring does not fit a high growth environment. Each stage of growth brings its own hiring challenges.


If you are at the early stage of your company, you are trying to find the right product and testing many hypotheses.

At LONGHOUSE, we define the early stage as 0 – 1 stage; a stage where you are trying to find new users and consequently identify your ideal target audience.
At this stage, your company consists of a small team and you look to add candidates, with complementary skill sets, to your founding team. You may be looking to hire 1 or 2 large executives, but you’re not sure exactly which position you need to hire for. After all, in your small team, all members wear multiple hats and you think you have things under control. But you know that, as you will soon grow, you will need the right leaders in place to reach your business goals.
Portfolio: At this stage, you are still trying to zero in on the right type of candidate as you are a tad uncertain as to what you need. The job description is not perfectly defined as you are still examining your growing needs.
Process: You do not have a set process for hiring yet and would like to explore your options once you identify the right candidate. We at LONGHOUSE are here to help streamline this for you.


If your company is at the “growth” stage, you are looking to grow a consistent base of users/customers to reach a reasonable scale. At LONGHOUSE, we define this growth stage as 1 – 10 stage.
At this stage, you have a tried and tested product/service, “some” data that indicates you are market fit, and you have identified focus areas which have clicked for you. You are now trying to scale up and are experimenting to go to the market.

LONGHOUSE is well-versed in solving growth challenges, specifically identifying areas where you may be lacking at this stage and helping you focus on the right people you need to hire or replace. We help you optimize your growth possibilities.
Portfolio: You have an idea of where you need to optimize, and which positions need filling. You are looking for candidates who boost your growth for the next leg of the race.
Process:You’re still deciding which hires are more crucial than others- which position is more pressing and how to approach bridging the gaps for your current growth plans. LONGHOUSE will help you take that decision and zero in on the right candidates for you.


At LONGHOUSE, we define this stage as 10 – 100. Your organization is growing, and you need numerous leaders who can streamline, scale, and build an organization. At this stage, you have scaled-up businesses growing consistently and at the same time, you are looking to identify newer areas of revenue.
Portfolio: You operate at a large scale and yet grow like a start-up. LONGHOUSE helps identify talent built to operate at large scale. We use our extensive network to identify the right talent, either from the Indian digital ecosystem, or lateral movement from traditional industries and cross-border movement.
Your hiring process gets streamlined when you precisely know what you need for your business. We take your requirements and align the best candidates for your business needs.


You are a large organisation with successful products or services that have been thriving in the market for a long time. You find many young businesses coming in and disrupting industries. You are looking to future-proof your organization to ensure your current hold on the market and, at the same time, compete in the future.
The journey of transformation starts with the right team. High growth businesses require a different mindset. You would have to strike the right balance between grooming people in your current team and hiring the right leaders from the digital world. This is often a very specialized job as the right talent should understand growth and, at the same time, should fit into the company traditions.

We help large companies solve growth challenges. We help companies wanting to go digital or existing digital companies wanting to skill their team further.

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