Creating sustainable value for long-term.

Powered by experience and fuelled by data, we have successfully offered our advisory services to leading organizations in India and across the globe. LONGHOUSE has helped create and protect sustainable value for their businesses. Being proactive thought partners, we focus on building business agility and resilience by sharing insights from the heart of a fast-changing business ecosystem. We work towards making organizations and leaderships ‘future ready’.
Our extensive experience in Executive Search gives us access to a lot of data and insights from the industry. This includes information on executive movement or hiring trends or learnings from evolution of businesses across numerous small, mid-sized and large organisations. We know how the talent in these companies, at specific stages of development, plays a vital role in the success or failure of these businesses.
Therefore, we are able to offer extensive, time-tested advice to our clients as to how senior talent can help them solve specific challenges. As certain functions take precedence over others depending on companys’ current state of development and need of their business at that specific stage, we help them prioritise which functions and positions to hire for and then actually help them hire the right talent for the same.

Hiring roadmap

At LONGHOUSE, we know that an effective hiring roadmap is the first and most critical aspect towards building a stronger organization. If your company has ambitious growth plans, you will need to hire the right people at the right time.

Our advisory expertise lies in not just planning and creating a long-term hiring and compensation roadmap relevant for your business, but also thoughtfully executing it through effective identification, screening, interview, closure, offer and retention of the best talent.
Our advisory is not limited to boardroom ceiling. We are committed to creating a world without borders. LONGHOUSE offers specialised guidance to companies looking at increasing their business success and longevity through cross-border expansion.

If you have plans to build a cross-border business, we have the solutions to help you achieve it. Our cross-border expansion advisory panel focuses on 3 key frameworks:

Indian companies setting up business abroad

The drive behind why Indian companies expand and scale up varies depending on valuation, profitability, and more. Once they have successfully penetrated majority of the Indian marketplace, it is only natural for them to look abroad for further expansion. We have helped some of the top companies in India set up, expand and scale their businesses abroad. Since we work closely with these companies in India and have successfully hired their leadership teams, we understand their culture and know the type of candidates that will suit them in their foreign set-ups as well.

International companies foraying business in India

LONGHOUSE has unsurpassed access to talent in India. Technology is the main segment in which foreign companies look to recruit Indian talent. Our understanding of Indian engineering and technology talent is second to none. Having built leadership teams for multiple companies across various life stages in India, it is only natural for international firms to seek us out to get help in expanding in the Indian marketplace.

Global companies wanting to leverage Indian talent

International companies often look for Indian talent for their global operations based on their expertise in a booming economy like India. As mentioned earlier, since our command and access to Indian Talent is unsurpassed, we are often the go-to partner for foreign companies who are looking to hire Indian talent to fill their international positions.
Each of these three pillars requires a deep understanding of the talent landscape to enable business expansion across new geographies. We, at LONGHOUSE, understand the intricacies of launching a new business in a new geography. Our experts can guide you in your journey of global market entry by detailing risk assessments, regulatory hurdles, and other operational procedures. Our capabilities in partner and dealer matching, headhunting and talent management services will give you an unmatched experience.


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