Indian companies setting up business abroad

The drive behind why Indian companies expand and scale up vary depending on valuation, profitability, and more. Once they have successfully penetrated the majority of the Indian marketplace, it’s only natural for them to look abroad for further expansion. We have helped some of the top companies in India set up, expand and scale their businesses abroad. Since we work closely with these companies in India in hiring their teams, we understand their culture and know the type of candidates that will suit them in their foreign setups.

International companies foraying business in India

Offshoring The command we have on accessing Indian talent is unsurpassed. Technology is the main segment in which foreign companies look to recruit Indian talent and our understanding of engineering and technology talent is deep. Having hired and setup so many such companies in India, it’s only natural for international firms to seek us out to help them expand into the Indian marketplace.

International companies often seek

Talent International cos often seek out Indian talent for their global operations based on their expertise in a booming economy like India. As mentioned earlier, since our command and access to Indian Talent is unsurpassed, we are the often go-to asset for foreign companies looking to hire Indian talent to fill their international positions.