Bullish on India | Why India will be the AI talent hub of the world


If there is one trend that has kept the technology world buzzing since the beginning of 2023, it is artificial intelligence (AI), ChatGPT and companies rushing to find their way in. The difference between the rising demand and existing supply of talent left a gaping hole in skilled resources globally to build these technologies. The solution for this talent crisis may lie with India.

According to Nasscom’s State of Data Science and AI Skills report, India harbours 16 percent of the world’s AI talent pool — second only to China. Despite this, there is a shortfall of 213,000 skilled AI resources in India.

To be sure, the country also has one of the largest annual STEM supply lines, with 2.25 million graduates, who with upskilling and the right training, could quickly fill in this gap.

According to experts, India’s untapped technological talent has previously demonstrated the potential to upskill and meet domain-specific talent demand. Rohit Srivastava, an expert in AI hiring and senior partner at LONGHOUSE Consulting, an executive search and talent advisory firm, said that a similar trend had been witnessed with the evolution of the product management function in India over the last decade.

“If you see, probably 10 years back, when startups actually were beginning to grow in India, a function like product management never existed in India. There were a lot of young engineers who got groomed into this function with the startup culture growing,” said Srivastava.

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