The making of a resume: What to keep in mind while creating a CV for a CEO role


A resume plays an important role in job search. So experts say it should be concise, articulate and tasteful enough to attract the interviewer’s attention. While that goes for fresh and experienced candidates, how does the game change for a CEO? At that level, would a resume even matter?

A candidate applying for the job of a CEO should make a resume that effectively communicates their leadership abilities, strategic vision and accomplishments.

Anshuman Das, CEO of Longhouse Consulting, suggests candidates focus on making a powerful resume. “It should be concise, compelling, and tailored to the specific role or industry, providing concrete examples of impact and results in each key area.”

Das explains that the resume should highlight certain skills — proven track record in driving innovative solutions, adaptability in navigating complex business landscapes, financial competency, fundraising experience, dynamic leadership, expertise in navigating organisational change, managing transitions, mergers and acquisitions in the fast-paced startup ecosystem, demonstrated experience in decision making, expertise in scaling up and P&L management, talent management, community and industry involvement, stakeholder management, regulatory knowledge and experience in managing IPOs.

The CEO of Longhouse Consulting also says that leaders should talk about their work on various channels such as LinkedIn profiles, personal websites or blogs.

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